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Tattoo Removal
Carbon Peeling
Acne therapy
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Facial treatments - Tattoo removal - Carbon peeling

Depilation of the body is an integral part of personal hygiene and well-being for many women and men. There are many options, but these methods are usually painful and cause inflammation or reddened areas. In addition, the hairs grow back quickly, so that the procedure must be repeated permanently. Our device permanently frees you from stubble, redness and ingrown hairs. Sensitive and with great care, our devices proceed with the treatment. The treatment with our equipment is gentle and especially kind to your skin. We offer the latest technology and much more-hair removal device.


Tattoo Removal


Carbon Peeling


Acne therapy


Vascular treatment

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Tattoo Removal

Carbon Peeling

Acne therapy

Vascular treatment

1064nm treatment tip

532nm treatment tip

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YAG laser

3 kinds of treatment tips are available for our patented
Q+ treatment handle, offers you more skill and ease.


1064nm treatment tip.
532nm treatment tip
Carbon peeling treatment tip

1. tattoo removal:
Black, blue, brown, red different types of old and new tattoos.

2. pigmented lesions in epidermis and dermis:
Age spot, coffee spot, sun spot, freckle, melasma, ota,
Zygomaticus, nevus, mongolian spot, pigmentation after inflammation.

3. carbon peeling:
Skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, skin tightening, skin texture.


Super laser facial treatment can be used to reduce the effects of.
skin rejuvenation, pore reduction, pigment eliminating and helps to improve skin texture
improve .

Maximum energy 1500mj.
6ns pulse width, only 1/ 5 pulse width of all normal Q-switched Nd:YAG laser