Alix SLIM 1

All types

For all skin types. Skin type I – VI 

SLIM 1 - 10 years the classic

Alix Lasers ® stands for innovative laser and light systems whose software is developed in our Swiss location. For more than 10 years, the product quality has been measured against the current state of research and enriched by customer experience is constantly being further developed. Thus, we achieve optimal results in all treatments with our fully automated software.


3 – 5 treatments


6 – 7 treatments




Long term effect 

12 years of precision with Alix Lasers ®

4-fold cooling to -26.8 degrees

24 hours continuous operation

Room temperature up to 45 degrees

Option: 5 spots for small zones

up to 100 Million Shots

10 years warranty


Through the factory service department

Practical training

In your studio

Media package

Free website, design and printing of 5000 flyers and social media templates included.

Applicators for optimal results

Treatment results before & after

Frequently asked questions

At Alix Lasers, we strive to provide you with first-class service. If you have any questions or concerns, our support team is always ready to assist you.

Five tips in a single applicator

Magnetic interchangeable tips with dual spot sizes: 5 points – 8mm/12*12mm²/10*12mm²/10*20mm²/12*35mm².

Mini-tip attachment for small, hard-to-reach areas such as the nose, ear, and glabella. 

360° Thermoelectric Cooler (AON)

Compared to conventional coolers, the TEC can lower the lowest temperature within a few seconds to -15C°. Perfect PAIN-FREE hair removal, more HIGH-END.

20 HZ Ultra-fast Frequency

The maximum frequency can reach 20 Hz, which means that the laser emits 20 times per second, shortening the treatment time and improving the ROI (return on investment).

Combined 755/808/1064nm Wavelength

Custom Combination: Any custom combination of one wavelength, two wavelengths, or three wavelengths to meet different treatment requirements.

Alexandrite 755nm: For a wider range of hair and colors

Diode 808/810nm: For general laser hair removal at high speed

YAG 1064nm: Deeper penetration into the follicles and focus on darker skin.