Tradition for many applications . Skin Type I – IV 

The classic - revived

The Super IPL (SHR) – SHR hair removal device can penetrate into the deep skin and selectively act on the subcutaneous pigment and blood vessel to break down melanin, close abnormal blood and eliminate the various skin defects. At the same time, SHR can stimulate the rebirth of subcutaneous collagen to make the skin young, healthy and smooth. Instead of the 4mm depth of traditional IPL technology, super IPL laser can penetrate the 15mm depth of skin to achieve better treatment and larger treatment area. 






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Five tips in a single handpiece

Magnetic, interchangeable tips with double spot size:

5 points: 8mm/12*12mm²/10*12mm²/10*20mm²/12*35mm²

Mini-tip attachment for small, hard-to-reach areas such as the nose, ear and glabella

690-1200nm for fast hair removal
420nm-1200nm acne removal
530nm-1200nm piqmentation removal
560nm-1200nm rejuvenation

20 HZ ultra fast frequency

The maximum frequency can reach 20 Hz, which means that the laser is emitted 20 times per second, reducing treatment time and improving ROI.

755/808/1064nm Wavelength Combined

Customized combination: Any customized combination of one wavelength, two wavelengths or three wavelengths to meet different treatment requirements.

Alexandrite 755nm: For a wider spectrum of hairs and colors

Diode 808 / 810nm: For general laser hair removal at high speed.

YAG 1064nm: Deeper penetration into follicles and focusing on darker skin.