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For all skin types. Skin type I – VI

Facial treatments and carbon peeling.

The Super-IPL (SHR) hair removal device penetrates deep into the skin and selectively targets subcutaneous pigments and blood vessels to break down melanin, close abnormal blood vessels, and eliminate various skin defects. At the same time, SHR can stimulate the regeneration of subcutaneous collagen to keep the skin young, healthy, and smooth. Instead of the 4 mm depth of traditional IPL technology, the Super-IPL laser can penetrate 15 mm deep into the skin for better treatment and a greater treatment area. 






Carbon BIO Peeling



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Carbon Peeling

Skin rejuvenation

Acne Therapy

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IPL - SHR Laser - E Light Super 7

690-1200nm for quick hair removal
420nm-1200nm acne removal
530nm-1200nm pigmentation removal
560nm-1200nm rejuvenation

Permanent hair removal (HR), tattoo removal, carbon peeling, skin rejuvenation (SR), spot removal, skin tightening, wrinkle removal, acne therapy, vascular treatment, skin brightening. 

1. Tattoo Removal:
Black, blue, brown, red – various types of old and new tattoos.

2. Pigmented Lesions in Epidermis and Dermis:
Age spots, café au lait spots, sun spots, freckles, melasma, Ota
nevi, mongolian spots, pigmentation after inflammation.

3. Carbon Peeling:
Skin rejuvenation, skin lightening, skin tightening, skin texture tinting.

With the Super Laser Facial treatment, you can achieve skin rejuvenation, pore reduction, eliminate pigments and help improve skin texture.

Maximum energy 1500mj.
6ns pulse width, only 1/5 pulse width of all normal quality-switched Nd:YAG lasers.